altplus design consultancy  


Makes Dreams Come True.

altplus+ design comes from design insight, market strategy, trend research, creativity and outstanding execution. In a word, Perfection.

Good Design

For alt+, a good design is a result of design perfection, design insight, needs analysis, market strategy, trend research and exceptional execution ability.
alt+ applies market research, insight and analysis to realize the best design and consumer experience in different market and culture context.


There is always a wonderful dream behind any good design. Exploring and discovering that dream is the key to realize the meaningful design and to meet needs of people.


What’s the secret behind the needs? alt+ devoted to uncover the hidden truths and rules through studying people mentalities, behaviors, lifestyles, value, and cultures.


shipThe integrity of honesty is our core value. alt+ dedicates to become the most reliable partner by developing long term relationships and leveraging knowledge transfer with clients.